Children, fans, drivers, and mechanics mill about the infield at Felts Park in Galax, circa late 1940s.


Alleghany County Fairgrounds, Covington, 1925

Ararat Speedway, Patrick County, 1958

A & E Speedway, Dickenson County, 1955

Basset Forks (race track), Henry County, c. 1955

Bluefield Fairgrounds, 1920

Bluefield Raceway, Mercer County, WV, 1959

Breaks (Breaks Speedway?), Buchanan County, c. 1955

Bristol International Raceway, Bristol, TN, 1961

Calloway Speedway, Franklin County, 1967

Cedar Hills Speedway (Richlands Motor Speedway), Tazewell County, 1969

Covington Fairgrounds, Alleghany County, c. 1950

Crab Orchard Speedway, Patrick County, c. 1960s

E & A Speedway, Dickenson County, 1955

East Lexington Speedway, Rockbridge County, c. 1972

Fairystone Speedway, Patrick County, 1966

Felts Park, Galax, 1947

Fieldale Speedway (Rangely Speedway?), Henry County, c. 1949

Fincastle Fairgrounds, Botetourt County, c. 1950

Floyd Speedway, Floyd County, 1954

Franklin County Speedway, 1969

Fries (Fries Baseball Park), Grayson County, c. 1956

Hillbilly Speedway, Patrick County, c. 1965-6

Hillsville Speedway, Carroll County, 1964

Honaker Speedway (unconfirmed), Tazewell County

Indian Draft, Alleghany County, date unknown

Lexington Speedway, Rockbridge County, c. 1972

Log Cabin Raceway and Park, Henry County, 1981

Lonesome Pine International Raceway, Wise County, 1972

Lynchburg Fairgrounds, 1923

Lynchburg Speedway (paved), 1953

Martinsville Speedway, 1947

Morris Speedway, Galax, c. 1968

Morris Speedway, Patrick County, c. 1949

Motor Mile Speedway (formerly New River Valley Speedway), Pulaski County, 2004

Mullins Speedway, Tazewell County, c. 1955

Natural Bridge Speedway, Rockbridge County, 1954

New River Speedway, Wythe County, c. 1952

New River Valley Speedway, Pulaski County, 1987

Oak Level Speedway, Henry County, c. 1968

Phillips Speedway, Wise County, c. 1953

Pilot Speedway (Pilot Raceway), Montgomery County, c. 1965

Piney Speedway, Wythe County, c. 1952

Pulaski County Speedway, Pulaski County, 1949

Radford Speedway (formerly Pulaski County Speedway), Pulaski County, 1959

Red Valley Speedway, Franklin County, c. 1962

Richlands Motor Speedway, Tazewell County, c. 1955

River View Speedway, Rockbridge County, 1953

Roanoke Fairgrounds, 1911

Roanoke Raceway (formerly Starkey Speedway), Roanoke County, 1962

Sanville (track constructed but never opened), Henry County, date unknown

Scott County Speedway, Scott County, c. 1950

Shrader Field, Lynchburg 1948

Southwest Virginia Speedway, Smyth County, 1947

Speedway 52 (formerly Hillsville Speedway), Carroll County, 1969

St. Paul Speedway, Russell County, c. 1955

Starkey Speedway, Roanoke County, 1950

Tazewell County Fairgrounds (unconfirmed), date unknown

Thompson Speedway (unconfirmed but probably Phillips Speedway, Wise

Victory Stadium, Roanoke, 1947

Wayside Speedway, Patrick County, 1968

Wise County Fairgrounds (unconfirmed), date unknown

Wythe Raceway, Wythe County, 1970

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